Electrical Service, Maintenance, Operating Permits…

Electrical Services

Horizon Electric has a group of service vehicles that are available to meet the high demand of Kelowna and surrounding areas.

Horizon Electric is partnered with Fortis BC and BC Hydro to provide rebates for energy programs including LED lighting retrofits & upgrades.

British Columbia’s Technical Safety BC governs and inspects BC’s regulated electrical installations. Our FSR’s, Master Electricians and Red Seal Certified staff offer Electrical Operating Permits solutions. Asset Owners are required by the Province’s Electrical Authority TSBC to Inspect, Service and Maintain their electrical system on a ongoing basis. We offer monthly and semi-annual services to residential and commercial clients. Our service includes preferred rates, IR reporting to document your system which allows us to determine if your system requires attention. If a system has never been tested it is a good time to start. 

For service, please contact us